" ... A beautiful skin awaits you ...
a beautiful affair between you and your skin"

Holistic Therapies from around the world

Head in the Clouds (45min)

A soothing head, neck and shoulder massage with warm aromatic oils chosen for your individual needs. Designed to benefit stiffness, stress, tension headaches, sinusitis and promotion of hair growth

La Stone Therapy

La Stone Therapy Massage (1hr 15min)
La Stone Back Massage (30min)

Pure Indulgence! A full body massage using hot and cold stones and warm scented oils. The therapeutic potential of this treatment goes beyond measure. Basalt and marble stones and warm aromatic oils are the medium. The hot and cold temperatures are the message! La Stone is a massage and a sanctuary for the soul.

Candle Oil

Candle Oil Full Body Massage (1hr)
Candle Oil Back Massage (30min)

A silky blend of nourishing warm candle wax oils is massaged into your skin leaving you feeling wonderfully relaxed and hydrated.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage (1hr)
Aromatherapy Back Massage (30min)

Bring your body back to balance with a de-stressing aromatherapy massage using essential oils individually chosen for your personal needs. Includes face and scalp.

Heaven Scent Double Handed Massage (1hr 10min)

Embark on the ultimate journey with an intensely soothing massage where two therapists work synergistically together using warm aromatic oils to rebalance and take you away from the stresses of everyday life.


Reflexology Consultation and Treatment (1hr)
Reflexology additional Treatments including foot massage (45min)

Reflexology is an ancient non-invasive therapy. The feet mirroring specific parts of the body by stimulating pressure points on the feet, many symptoms can be relieved such as headaches, backache digestive problems, stress, tension, as well as general relaxation, re-balancing and detoxifying the body.

Hopi Ear Candle Therapy (45min)

Including Scalp-massage, Shiatsu pressure point work on face, neck and shoulders. De-congests sinuses, tension headaches and stress management.

Body Massage

Full Body Stimulating Massage (1hr)
To relieve tight muscles, tension and stiffness.
Full Body Relaxing Massage (1hr)
To relieve stress and tension and calm the senses.
Back, neck and shoulder massage (30min)