"... A woman's hands can charm and seduce.
Just like the characteristic vibrations in a voice, you will never forget them ...
(Dominique Moncourtis)"


Many designers such as Manolo Blahnik, Louboutin, or Jimmy Choo have created artwork for feet. This means feet and legs are increasingly a focal point of modern and style-conscious women of today. Thanks to TV series such as “Sex and the City” this trend was the impulse for Alessandro International to create a new individual series of care products for legs and feet. The result, Stiletto.

The range includes the following:

Stiletto - Perfume for Legs

A sinful fragrance with an intensely fruity component of black currents and additional seductive ingredients. This perfume develops its sensual fragrance intensely well when applied to the back of the knee. The first leg and foot perfume in the world.

Sunkissed Bronzing Spray

Airbrush bronzer with quick tanning effect. Guaranteed easy to use for the perfect touch of sun. With the wonderful aroma of coconuts. Spreads a Caribbean atmosphere within seconds.

Glitter Powder Puff

Works its magic in seconds for long-lasting, sexy, and shimmering skin. Glamour made easy.

Toe Nail Polish

Sexy nail polish for feet. Extremely durable, quick-drying, and with a brilliant shine. With precious extracts of sage and peppermint. Can also be used with nails susceptible to fungus!

Cooling Ice Spray

Extremely cooling ice spray for tired and heavy legs. With refreshing mint extracts and fruity fragrance. Revitalizing effect.

Foot Deo Gel

Refreshingly cool, quickly absorbed gel with a wonderful ginger spice fragrance. Stops odorous bacteria and keeps feet moisturized. With soft powdery finish.

Pedicure File

Unique file to shorten toe nails. The slanted side of the file makes it possible to file even otherwise hard to reach corners of the nail. For a perfectly shaped nail.

Smoothing Heel Softener

Fresh Caribbean fragrances in a rich lotion for dry and cracked heels. The result leaves feet and heels smooth and moisturized.

Foot Scrub

Ocean salt peel with raspberry-black currant fragrance – one-step peeling and care for feet and legs. Leaves your feet soft and smelling wonderfully fresh and clean!

Foot & Leg Moisturizer

Moisturizing gel is absorbed extremely quickly. Energizes, cools, reduces swelling, and strengthens blood vessels. An intensive releaving product for tired legs and feet, leaves a fresh fragrance behind.

Foot Bath

Soak your fatigued feet in this refreshing footbath to recuperate after a strenuous day or to prepare for deep-cleaning or other care treatments. The softly fragrant bath pearls reduce the build up of hardened, calloused skin on feet and heels. Skincare and relaxation in one treatment!

Heel Skin Remover

Removes hard skin in minutes.
How to use: Saturate cotton pad with Hard Skin Remover, apply to heel, and allow to soak in for about 5 to -10 minutes. Then use the enclosed cosmetics spatula to remove dead skin. Done!