"... A woman's hands can charm and seduce.
Just like the characteristic vibrations in a voice, you will never forget them ...
(Dominique Moncourtis)"

Nail Spa

Nail Spa

NailSpa - A concept that sets new standards

Nail Spa is based on Alessandro's long years of experience in nail studios and on the qualified knowledge in the area of analysing nails. Alessandro International is the first company in the nail care branch to have created a concept that offers extensive systematic care that is tailor-made to suit every individual nail type as well as enabling a profesional manicure at home. Alessandro has also designed the Nail-Spa-Manicure-Pass with which nail types and nail requirements can easily be identified. This Manicure-Pass is a guideline through the entire product range. The requirements of the nails can be easily identified by using this product. Three different colours distinguish the three most important nail types, being supported by the 6 steps of a professional manicure. Finally, nail care can always be tailor-made to suit the actual conditions of the nails - simply, quickly and professionally.

Nail Spa does not only offer highly effective products for problematic nails, but also a complete range for keeping beautiful nails beautiful. Small daily "household mishaps" can be severe on the nail. It is not only housework that is damaging but also the small beauty remedies: hairspray, perfume, not to mention products at the workplace, such as disinfectants, hair colour, etc.

Nail Spa offers optimal protection against these small "aggressors" and offers extra supportive care so that beautiful fingernails remain beautiful.