"... A woman's hands can charm and seduce.
Just like the characteristic vibrations in a voice, you will never forget them ...
(Dominique Moncourtis)"

Nail Coutoure

The woman:
The only present that wraps itself

(Jean-Paul Belmondo)

Nail Coutoure

Alessandro Nail Coutoure – Haute Couture for your nails

Nail couture is not only luxurious in appearance but is designed for the young woman on the go. The collection consists of ready designed Nail art tips in numerous variations inspired by current trends, Nail Art Stickers, boudoir nail files, polishes, buffers, cuti care pens, gift sets etc. All packed in pretty pink boudoir styled packaging which are affordable making them a good gift idea or for the woman on the go who wants to wear designer nails for an evening which can be removed easily the next day if desired.