"... A woman's hands can charm and seduce.
Just like the characteristic vibrations in a voice, you will never forget them ...
(Dominique Moncourtis)"


All Nail Types

1 Cleansing
Nail Polish Remover Acetone-Free

Removes nail polish quickly and gently while caring for nails.

Vitamin E promotes blood circulation and reduces dehydration of the nail.

Smooth Cuticle Remover Gel

Removes excessive cuticle growth gently and carefully, makes the cuticle soft and supple.

Sugar Almond Nail Peeling Nail Scrub

Ultrafine almond sugar crystals clean the nails and remove excessive cuticle growth.

Nail Polish Correcting Pen

For easy correction of nail polish mishaps.

2 Shaping
Mineral Nail Sealer

Fine mineral crystals seal the nail tips and prevent splitting of the nails.

Professional Manicure File

Professional quality file for quick and gentle trimming and shaping of fingernails.

3 Smoothing
Anti-Aging Ridge Filler

The ideal base coat for natural nails with ridges and grooves - smoothes the nail surface and fills in irregularities. Precious anti-aging substances (white tea) protect the nail against dehydration.

Quick Shine Polish File

For quick and easy smoothing and polishing of nails.

4 Nourishing
Nail Treatment Kit

Intensive Therapy for nails and cuticles. In combination with the highly effective nail care concentrate, the innovative Nail Tapes guarantee a maximum supply of regenerating and nourishing substances.

5 Treating
Cuticare Nourishing Pen

Protection and care for perfectly groomed cuticles. Aloe Vera has a moiturising and soothing effect on the skin.

Mango Nail Serum

Intensive nail care concentrate of nourishing substances with skin-refining lotus extract - prevents cracking of cuticles and makes the nail supple and resilient.

Coco Mango Nail Butter

Rich care for stressed nails and cuticles with shea butter and green tea.

6 Protecting
Nourishing Base Coat

Nourishing base coat with okume extract. Prevents discoloration and smoothes the nail surface.

Rapid Dry Top Coat

Quick-drying UV-absorbing top coating with multiple protection: prevents chipping of nail polish and stops the yellowing of coloured polish.