"... A woman's hands can charm and seduce.
Just like the characteristic vibrations in a voice, you will never forget them ...
(Dominique Moncourtis)"

Hands Up

High quality products delivering high quality ingredients... oozing with crushed fresh water pearls, avocado and vitamin E to name but a few. Not only will we improve the appearance of your nails but we will diagnose your nail type. Are you a lotus, rose or lavender nail? In turn your nail problems will be turned around to reveal stronger, healthier nails and beautiful hands that you will be proud of.

Silk Daily active hand protection

With it's exceptional active ingredients, Silk triggers the sensation of wearing invisible silk gloves. It is like a gentle protective layer on the skin so that harmful external influences cannot penetrate - and this lasts for hours.

Nice Day, all-over hand lotion

Enriched day-care product for dry or stressed hands. The nourishing high-quality Biopearl complex, macadamia oil and aloe vera thoroughly moisturise the skin and intensely soothe stressed skin. The high-tech ingredient, beta glucan 1.3, effectively combats the consequences of skin ageing. The elasticity and suppleness of dry, damaged skin is quickly restored. Contains a protective UV-Filter.

Vital Serum, Nourishing Serum for stressed hands

Regenerating active serum to be used as pre-treatment cure for daily hand or night care. The nourishing Biopearl complex with ingredients from the sea activates cell metabolism. The skin is protected and repaired following exposure to intensive UV rays, for instance. With a cocktail of Vitamins A, C and E and royal jelly, the product leaves behind supple, wonderfully soft hands.

Good Night Energy Hand Cream

Soothing, intensive skin care product for very dry or extremely stressed hands. The high-tech ingredient, beta glucan 1.3, effectively combats the conequences of skin aging. The nutrient-enriched Biopearl complex and grape extract together with avocado and jojoba oils intensively soothe and effectively combat chapped skin, leaving soft, supple hands.

Touch of Pearl - Regenerating energy gloves

Highly effective repair glove for stressed, damaged hands. Avocado oil and cupuacu butter provide demanding skin with important moisture and lipids. Elasticity is restored and the skin is protected against premature aging through Vitamin E. The nourishing Biopearl complex with essential amino acids and natural proteins of fresh water pearls triggers cell regeneration. The skin is quickly revitalised and the hands are perfectly soothed.

Cream Royal - Regenerating Hand Mask

This remarkable hand care product containing royal jelly is both a cream and a mask rolled into one. The nutrient-enriched Biopearl complex tightens the skin on the hands and arms and promotes endegenous cell regeneration. BiowhiteTM reliably whitens pigmentation marks anad prevents them from reappearing.

Cream Rich - Lifting Hand Cream

A highly effective anti-aging hand cream to combat the visible signs of skin aging. It tightens the skin on the hands and arms. The high quality skin care ingredients contained in the nourishing Biopearl complex stimulate cell metabolism and work as a driving force for cells. The plant based BiowhiteTM product reliably whitens pigmentation marks and prevents them from reappearing. The elasticity, suppleness and smoothness of damaged skin are thus restored.