"... A woman's hands can charm and seduce.
Just like the characteristic vibrations in a voice, you will never forget them ...
(Dominique Moncourtis)"

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Alessandro - Taking care of your nails

"How do you like your personal business card?" This question cannot be posed often enough, as only very few know that we mean the finger nails. They say more about us than we may suspect. Well groomed hands and nails are the sign of a well groomed appearance and underline natural beauty like a clear, perfectly nourished complexion.

Today you only have to open a magazine or put on the TV to find talk of aging and how to hold back the years with plastic surgery and one form of treatment or another. Unfortunately we can not have a face lift on our hands!
It is a known fact that a person's real age is revealed by their hands. The sensitive skin of the hands is not only worn out by daily use in your jobs and house-hold tasks, but it is often unprotected and exposed to the elements.

The good news is that you can do something about it.

Do your nails split when reaching a certain length? Do you have difficulty growing your nails? It is possible to have your nails diagnosed to see what nail type you have and then you can use the appropriate nail care cure system to correct the problem. It is very important to seek the right advice as many people buy a nail hardener thinking it will strengthen their nails and help them grow, but not all nails require this.

If you would like to lengthen your natural nails, gel nails can be the answer as they look very natural. Our Alessandro nail technician will analyse your nail type and use the correct gel which will nourish and protect your natural nail. Various finishes are available, from French, nail-art, coloured gel polishes which last and do not chip.